Artistic and precise tattooing in Zealand

Welcome to K-ink Tattoo Studio, your first choice for tattooing in Zealand. Our experienced and talented tattoo artists strive to transform your vision into art that speaks to your personal style and meaning. We pride ourselves on creating tattoos that are as durable as they are beautiful.

Since our inception in 2004, K-ink Tattoo Studio has been dedicated to providing top quality tattoo art to our customers. Our cozy studio environment and dedicated team ensure that every customer feels safe and welcome in our tattooing process.

Our Experienced Tattoo Artists in Zealand

At K-ink Tattoo Studio, we pride ourselves on our team of skilled tattoo artists, each with their own unique style and technical prowess in the art of tattooing. Our tattoo artists work closely with our customers to create customized tattoos that complete their vision. 

We also have specialized tattoo artists who are experts in covering up old tattoos, as well as performing laser treatments to remove unwanted tattoos.


Started hour: 1.000 kr.
2 hours 2.000 kr.
3 hours 3.000 kr.
4 hours 4.000 kr.
5 hours 4.500 kr.
6-8 hours 5.000 - 6.000 kr.
Subscription fee 500-1000 kr.
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Day session

When booking a day session please include a half hour lunch break

Changes must always be taken into account in time calculations

The changes may be due to the fact that the final details often need to be done on the day of your tattoo

In addition, there may be changes in time calculations due to breaks, stencil application, or other

Tattoo in Zealand

The place for excellent Tattooing in Zealand

As a trusted and well-known tattoo parlor in Zealand, K-ink Tattoo Studio is known for our high standard of service and quality. We provide unique tattoo experiences and our tattoo artists are committed to creating unique designs that match our customers' desires and style. In our salon, customer satisfaction is always at the center and we strive to make sure everyone feels well treated.
tatoveringsbutik i københavn
Our range of tattoo styles and techniques is wide, from traditional tattoos to realistic portraits and colorful watercolor tattoos. We support you through the entire tattoo process, from design to aftercare, to ensure a safe and secure experience.
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Vi er et tattoo studio placeret ved Langebro. Kontakt os i dag og hør mere hvordan vi kan hjælpe dig!


10.30 -18.00

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Telefon: 53538910

CVR.: 35681329
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