We know that people are different.

We know that people are different. We therefore always make sure to tailor and adapt the individual tattoo process individually to our different guests.

At K-Ink, we care a lot about our guests feeling comfortable and that they get the same good experience every time.

Whether you are used to the tattooing process, or it's your first time in the tattoo chair - it can be nerve-wracking to throw yourself into. You may have needle phobia or be a little unsure if it will hurt. Either way, we guarantee that your exact needs will be taken into account and that the process will take place at a pace that suits you. We always encourage our guests to bring friends or family who can be helpful in getting their thoughts away from needlework.

Things you might. can bring:

Food and drinks
Feel free to consume sugar before and during the session (to avoid a low blood sugar)
Feel free to stay away from alcohol and other approx. 3 days before the session (your blood will be diluted)

be aware

We do not tattoo people who are:

Under 18 years
Pregnant / breastfeeding
Intoxicated / affected
In the event of touch up, you can get past K-ink, and your tattoo artist will here assess whether re-drawing or corrections are needed.

In the event of touch up, or other questions you can contact us on +45 53 53 89 10 or write via email



We are a tattoo studio located at Langebro. Contact us today and hear more about how we can help you!

Opening hours

10.30 -18.00

By appointment

SUNDAY: Closed


Phone: 53538910

CVR .: 35681329
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