Started hour: 1.000 kr.
2 hours 2.000 kr.
3 hours 3.000 kr.
4 hours 4.000 kr.
5 hours 4.500 kr.
6-8 hours 5.000 - 6.000 kr.
Subscription fee 500-1000 kr.

Be aware of

We have project prices for larger motifs over several sessions which are assessed by the tattoo artist.

If you have booked a day session, this includes a 1/2 hour lunch break.

Changes in time calculations must be taken into account.

Changes may occur as the final details usually need to be made on the day of your tattoo, including stencil application, breaks and other things.
Subscription fee:
The subscription fee varies between 500 - 1000 DKK depending on the duration of the session.
The subscription fee MUST be paid at the time of booking.
The subscription fee is only refundable in case of cancellation at least 7 days before the session.
In case of illness, the fee is not refunded, but we will reschedule the booking.
Preparation for a session (drawing) is done ONLY when an appointment is booked and a drawing fee is paid.



We are a tattoo studio located at Langebro. Contact us today and hear more about how we can help you!

Opening hours

10.30 -18.00

By appointment

SUNDAY: Closed


Phone: 53538910

CVR .: 35681329
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